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Dayou is a reliable furniture bumper manufacturer. All types are customizable in materials, sizes, colors, shapes, and packages to meet your requirements.

Custom Bumper Guards for Furniture

Dayou provides various styles of furniture bumper guards designed for cabinets, doors, glass table tops, picture frames, and the backs of furniture, offering an added layer of protection.

We utilized high-quality materials in crafting the furniture bumper pads, including rubber, silicone, PVC, and other options. These furniture pads serve multiple purposes: noise reduction, shock absorption, anti-skid, anti-collision, and anti-scratch features. Moreover, these self-adhesive furniture edge bumpers can be effortlessly affixed to various surfaces like glass, wood, metal, and plastic, ensuring furniture remains undamaged.

If you have business or project that need furniture edge bumper guards, you will find the various options at Dayou. Contact us today, and get a better quotation!

Types of Furniture Bumper

clear self adhesive round furniture bumper - 1

Clear Self Adhesive Round Furniture Bumper

These eco-friendly silicone cabinet door bumpers have a strong self-adhesive backing to stay securely in place, preventing noise and damage. They can be easily removed without leaving marks and are ideal for any furniture or household objects to prevent slipping, scratching, or friction.

clear furniture corner bumper - 1

Clear Furniture Corner Bumper

Protect your child from head injuries with these thickened design corner guards, suitable for tables, furniture, and sharp corners. These clear bumper protectors can be used on various surfaces, including wood, metal, marble, and glass furniture.

clear edge bumper strip for furniture corner - 1

Clear Edge Bumper Strip For Furniture Corner

Our eco-friendly nano-material furniture bumper strip are non-toxic, non-slip, and durable, making them a safe choice for your baby. They adhere well, lasting longer without damaging furniture, and make a thoughtful gift for childproofing various areas in your home.

rubber furniture conrner bumber - 1

Rubber Furniture Corner Bumper

Shield children and older adults from harm with our BPA and Latex-free, dense yet soft, premium impact-absorbing Corner bumper. These bumpers securely adhere to sharp corners using 3M double-sided tape for added safety.

square clear rubber bumper for furniture - 1

Square Clear Rubber Bumper For Furniture

Protect your furniture surfaces with these clear, self-adhesive surface guards, ideal for glass, wood, marble, and more. They provide cushioning and dampening, preventing damage and scratches, and blend seamlessly with your interior design.

silicone furniture bumper for wall protecting - 1

Silicone Furniture Bumper For Wall Protecting

Our clear furniture wall protectors feature strong 3M self-adhesive for easy attachment to smooth surfaces like glass and tiles. They also have a unique airbag cushion design, providing enhanced anti-collision protection for kitchen cabinets, car doors, and more.

A Wide Range of Applications

Furniture bumpers serve as versatile protectors in a wide range of scenarios, making them invaluable for safeguarding both your home and public spaces like schools and daycare centers. These protective edge guards find application in numerous settings, including securing home security corners, preventing accidents on staircases, protecting valuable items like laptops and picture frames, and preserving the pristine appearance of tables, cabinets, and kitchen units. From bedrooms to living rooms and even fireplaces, furniture bumpers offer peace of mind by cushioning sharp edges and preventing damage, ensuring a safer and more durable environment for all.

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Why Choose Us as Your Furniture Bumper Supplier

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Custom Shape and Size

At Dayou, we take pride in offering a diverse range of customizable options for your furniture bumpers. We understand that furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, which is why we provide the flexibility to tailor your bumpers to your exact specifications.

Whether you’re looking for square bumpers to protect the corners of your tables, round bumpers for the legs of your chairs, or strip bumpers for various applications, we have the ideal solution for you.

Our commitment to customization ensures that your furniture is safeguarded with precision and style, guaranteeing a seamless and personalized experience for all your furniture protection needs.

Custom Packaging Solutions

Dayou Household offers a variety of tailor-made packaging solutions for our furniture bumpers. Whether you prefer paper boxes, plastic storage containers, OPP bags, blister packaging, or any other packaging style, we can accommodate your precise preferences.

Furthermore, we provide flexibility in terms of order quantity, allowing you to choose the right quantity for each package according to your unique requirements.

Our customized packaging choices guarantee that your furniture bumper pads are meticulously arranged, adequately shielded, and prepared for use. This ensures a smooth and personalized experience for both storage and distribution purposes.

custom packaging solutions for furniture pads

One-stop Furniture Bumper Supplier for Your Business

Join forces with us today and uncover a complete, all-in-one solution for all your furniture bumper requirements. Discover the unmatched quality, outstanding service, and undeniable success that accompany your decision to partner with us, and see how it can elevate your brand.

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If you’re a business in need of furniture bumpers, consider selecting Dayou. I had a fantastic experience with their team. They were prompt in addressing my inquiries and provided continuous assistance throughout the process.

James, from USA

The FAQs of Furniture Bumpers

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