Furniture Pad Manufacturer

Dayou Household is a renowned furniture pad manufacturer known for its dedication to designing and manufacturing high-quality furniture moving pads. We take pride in offering a diverse range of furniture pads that come in various materials, styles, colors, and sizes to meet the unique requirements and preferences of our valued customers.

Our products have been widely used to protect floors when you move furniture. Whether you have hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, or carpeted floors, our furniture pads provide a protective barrier that helps prevent unsightly marks and maintain the pristine condition of your flooring.

Furthermore, our extensive selection encompasses an impressive variety of materials, shapes, designs, colors, and packaging options, ensuring that we can offer a comprehensive one-stop solution to meet your specific requirements.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any inquiries you may have regarding our furniture pads. Our team will carefully review your request and swiftly respond with a comprehensive quote, providing you with accurate pricing information tailored to your desired quantity, materials, and any additional specifications.

Case of Custom Furniture Pad

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200pcs Set

258pcs furniture pad set - 1

258pcs Set

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275pcs Set

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425pcs Set

Different Types of Furniture Pads

felt furniture pads - 1

Felt Furniture Pads

Our felt furniture pads provide reliable and seamless protection for your floors, preventing scratches and marks caused by furniture movement. Crafted from high-density felt, these pads offer a soft and durable barrier that effortlessly glides across surfaces while preserving the pristine condition of your flooring.

rubber furniture pads - 1

Rubber Furniture Pads

Our rubber furniture pads offer superior floor protection with their durable and resilient design, effectively preventing slips and scratches caused by furniture movement. Made from high-quality rubber, these pads provide a reliable grip and absorb shock, ensuring both the safety of your floors and the longevity of your furniture.

silicone furniture pads - 1

Made from durable silicone, these pads feature a non-slip surface that securely grips onto furniture legs, preventing unwanted sliding and scratches, ensuring a stable and protected environment for your home.

furniture sliding pads - 1

Furniture Sliding Pads

Our furniture sliding pads are the ultimate solution for effortless furniture movement, allowing you to glide heavy items smoothly and noiselessly across any surface. With a specially designed low-friction surface and sturdy construction, these pads minimize strain and potential damage to your floors while making rearranging furniture a breeze.

furniture gripper pads - 1

Furniture Gripper Pads

These gripper pads feature a non-slip surface that securely holds furniture legs, preventing any unwanted sliding or shifting while providing an effective barrier against scratches, ensuring stability and preserving the pristine condition of your floors.

self adhesive furniture pads - 1

Self Adhesive Furniture Pads

These pads feature a strong adhesive backing that easily attaches to the bottom of your furniture, providing a secure grip and preventing scratches or scuffs on any surface, all while allowing smooth and noiseless movement.

large felt pads for furniture - 1

These oversized felt pads provide a generous surface area for optimal coverage, effectively preventing scratches and minimizing noise caused by furniture movement, ensuring a quiet and scratch-free environment for your home or office.

non slip furniture pads - 1

Non Slip Furniture Pads

Crafted with a special anti-slip material, these pads securely grip onto furniture legs, preventing any unwanted sliding or movement, while also safeguarding your floors from scratches and damage, providing a worry-free and secure environment for your home or workspace.

furniture feet pads - 1

Furniture Feet Pads

These pads, designed specifically for furniture feet, provide a cushioned layer of protection, preventing scratches, scuffs, and noise, allowing your furniture to glide smoothly and effortlessly across any surface.

furniture pads for hardwood floors - 1

Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

These specially designed pads provide a soft and protective layer between your furniture and the floor, preventing scratches, dents, and scuffs, while allowing easy and smooth movement, ensuring your hardwood floors stay pristine for years to come.

heavy duty felt pads for furniture - 1

These durable felt pads are designed to withstand the weight and pressure of substantial furniture pieces, providing exceptional scratch and scuff resistance while offering smooth and noiseless movement, ensuring your floors remain pristine and unharmed.

screw in furniture pads - 1

Screw In Furniture Pads

These pads feature a screw-in design that ensures a permanent and stable attachment to furniture legs, providing reliable protection against scratches, scuffs, and floor damage, making them an ideal choice for heavy furniture pieces in residential or commercial settings.

A Wide Range of Use of Our Furniture Pads

Our furniture pads offer a wide range of uses, providing versatile solutions for various furniture types and applications:

  • Chair Legs: Attach furniture pads to chair legs to prevent floor scratches and reduce noise when moving chairs.
  • Tabletops: Place furniture pads under glass or wooden tabletops to protect the surface from scratches and marks caused by direct contact with the furniture base.
  • Cabinet Doors: Apply furniture pads to the inside of cabinet doors to prevent them from slamming shut, reducing noise and prolonging the life of the doors.
  • Sofa and Couch Feet: Protect your floors from sofa and couch feet by attaching furniture pads, preventing unsightly marks and scratches.
  • Bed Frames: Place furniture pads under bed frame legs to prevent damage to floors and minimize noise when getting in and out of bed.
  • Bookshelves: Apply furniture pads to the bottom of bookshelf legs to prevent floor scratches and make it easier to move and rearrange the bookshelf.
  • Desks: Attach furniture pads to desk legs to protect both the desk and the floor from scratches and scuffs.
  • Dresser and Chest of Drawers: Place furniture pads under the legs or corners of dressers and chests of drawers to prevent damage to floors and make it easier to move them for cleaning or rearranging.
  • Appliances: Apply furniture pads to the feet of appliances such as washing machines, dryers, and refrigerators to protect floors from scratches and vibrations caused by the appliances. And more.
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advantages of our furniture pads - 1

Advantages and Features of Our Furniture Protector Pads

Choose our furniture protector pads to experience these 8 advantages and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior floor protection and furniture stability.

  • Protects floors from scratches

  • Reduces noise

  • Minimizes vibrations

  • Firm and durable adhesive application

  • Easy to replace

  • Resistant to wear

  • Provides long-term service

  • Extends furniture lifespan

Why Choose Us as Your Furniture Pad Supplier

A Wide Range of Thickness

Dayou Household offers a wide range of thickness options for our furniture pads, catering to different needs and preferences. Whether you require a thin and discreet option or a thicker pad for enhanced protection and leveling, we have you covered.

With thickness options ranging from 1mm to 9mm and beyond, including popular choices like 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, and 9mm, you can find the perfect pad to suit your specific furniture and flooring requirements.

Our diverse selection ensures that you can achieve the ideal balance between cushioning, stability, and floor preservation, allowing you to customize the level of protection and support for your furniture in any setting.

thickness of furniture pad - 1
custom shape and size of furniture pad - 1

Custom Shape and Size

Dayou Household provides custom shape and size options for our furniture pads. Whether you are looking for circular pads, square pads, rectangular pads, or any other specific shape, we can accommodate your needs.

Additionally, we provide the flexibility to choose the precise dimensions to ensure a perfect fit for your furniture legs or feet.

No matter the shape or size you require, our custom options allow you to achieve optimal coverage and protection for your furniture and floors, guaranteeing a tailored solution that meets your exact specifications.

Please feel free to tell us about your needs, we will quote you soon.

Custom Packaging Solutions

At Dayou Household, we offer custom packaging solutions for our furniture pads. Whether you prefer a paper box, plastic storage box, opp bag, blister package, or any other packaging type, we can accommodate your preferences.

We also provide flexibility in terms of quantity, allowing you to choose the appropriate quantity for each package based on your individual needs.

With our custom packaging options, you can ensure that your furniture pads are conveniently organized, protected, and ready for use, providing a seamless and tailored experience for both storage and distribution.

custom packaging solutions for furniture pads

One-stop Furniture Pad Supplier for Your Business

With our one-stop solution, we provide comprehensive support for all your furniture pad needs. Elevate your brands today by partnering with us and experience the difference in quality, service, and success.

Clients Testimonials

I run a high-end furniture store, and I decided to order furniture pads from Dayou Household to enhance the customer experience. I’m thrilled with the results! The furniture pads are of exceptional quality and provide excellent floor protection. Our customers love the added convenience and peace of mind these pads offer, and it has definitely boosted our business. I highly recommend Dayou Household for their top-notch furniture pads.

David Thompson, from USA

As a furniture manufacturer, finding reliable furniture pads was crucial for our brand’s reputation. After ordering from Dayou Household, we couldn’t be happier. The furniture pads not only fit perfectly on our products, but they also offer exceptional grip and prevent any scratches on floors. Our customers have given us rave reviews about the furniture pads, and it has significantly improved our business prospects. Dayou Household is the go-to supplier for furniture pads!

Matthew Anderson, from USA

We are extremely satisfied with our decision to partner with Dayou Household for our furniture pads. The pads have become a selling point for our brand, as they offer superior grip and floor protection. The positive feedback from our customers has been overwhelming, and we have seen a noticeable increase in customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Matteo Russo, from Italy

Dayou Household’s furniture pads have been instrumental in elevating our brand’s reputation. The pads are not only easy to install but also provide excellent cushioning and noise reduction. Our customers appreciate the added comfort and peace of mind they bring, which has translated into positive reviews and increased referrals for our business.

Lucas Moore, from AU

Dayou Household’s furniture pads have been a hit with our customers, and it has significantly boosted our business. The pads are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Our customers appreciate the attention to detail and the added value these pads bring to their furniture.

Hannah Weber, from Germany

The FAQs

Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

Dayou Household offers a wide range of furniture pads, including silicone pads, self-adhesive pads, felt pads, non-slip pads, and more.

Yes, Dayou Household offers custom shape options for furniture pads to ensure a perfect fit for your furniture.

Absolutely! Our furniture pads are designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly protect your furniture and floors.

No, our furniture pads are designed to leave no residue behind when removed. They can be easily repositioned or replaced without any sticky marks or damage.

Yes, Dayou Household offers a range of thickness options for furniture pads, allowing you to choose the level of cushioning and floor protection that suits your needs.

Absolutely! We provide competitive pricing for bulk orders of furniture pads. Contact us with your requirements, and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing options.

Yes, our furniture pads are designed to be compatible with various types of flooring, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and more. They offer effective floor protection without causing any damage.

Yes, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. Contact us to inquire about samples, and we’ll be glad to provide them so you can evaluate the quality and performance of our furniture pads.

The lead time for furniture pad orders depends on the quantity and customization requirements. We strive to process and fulfill orders promptly, ensuring you receive your furniture pads in a timely manner.

Absolutely! Dayou Household is committed to building long-term partnerships. We are here to provide ongoing support, answer any questions, and assist with reordering furniture pads whenever you need them.

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