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How Big Are U-Haul Furniture Pads?

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When it comes to protecting your valuable furniture during a move, U-Haul furniture pads are a popular choice among homeowners and renters. These pads are designed to provide an extra layer of cushioning and protection for your furniture, helping to prevent scratches, dents, and other damage during transportation.

In this article, we will delve into the world of U-Haul furniture pads and answer the burning question: How big are U-Haul furniture pads?

What Are U-Haul Furniture Pads?

U-Haul furniture pads, also known as moving blankets, are specially designed blankets made from a durable fabric that offers protection to your furniture items during a move. They are commonly used by DIY movers and professional moving companies alike to ensure that delicate or valuable furniture stays in pristine condition throughout the moving process.

Types of U-Haul Furniture Pads

Before we get into the sizes of U-Haul furniture pads, it’s essential to understand that they come in different types. There are three main types of U-Haul furniture pads:

  • Economy Pads: These are the most basic option and provide a minimal level of protection. They are ideal for less delicate items.
  • Performance Pads: These pads offer better protection with thicker padding and are suitable for most furniture items.
  • Performance Plus Pads: If you have extremely delicate or valuable furniture, these pads offer the highest level of protection with the thickest padding.

Sizes of U-Haul Furniture Pads

Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter: How big are U-Haul furniture pads? U-Haul offers furniture pads in two main sizes:

1. Large U-Haul Furniture Pads

Dimensions: Large U-Haul furniture pads typically measure approximately 68 inches by 85 inches.

These large pads are perfect for covering bigger items such as sofas, dining tables, and dressers. Their ample size ensures that your large furniture pieces are well-protected during transit.

2. Small U-Haul Furniture Pads

Dimensions: Small U-Haul furniture pads are generally around 41 inches by 72 inches.

These smaller pads are versatile and can be used to protect a variety of items, including chairs, nightstands, and smaller appliances. Their size makes them easy to handle and wrap around furniture.

Choosing the Right Size

Now that you know the sizes of U-Haul furniture pads, you may be wondering which size is right for your move. Here are some tips to help you decide:

  • Consider Your Furniture: Take an inventory of your furniture items and their sizes. Choose large pads for big items and small pads for smaller ones.
  • Quantity Matters: It’s better to have too many pads than too few. Having extras on hand can be a lifesaver when it comes to protecting your belongings.
  • Fragile Items: If you have particularly delicate or valuable items, consider using Performance Plus pads for an added layer of protection.


In conclusion, U-Haul furniture pads come in two main sizes: large and small. These versatile moving blankets are designed to safeguard your furniture during a move, ensuring that your prized possessions arrive at your new home in excellent condition. By choosing the right size and type of U-Haul furniture pads, you can make your move smoother and worry-free.

What’s more, Dayou is a professional furniture pad manufacturer from China, we are able to offer high-performance furniture pads according to your needs.


Q1. Are U-Haul furniture pads reusable?

Yes, U-Haul furniture pads are reusable. They are designed to withstand multiple uses, making them a cost-effective choice for your moving needs.

Q2. Can I buy U-Haul furniture pads or do I have to rent them?

You have the option to both rent and purchase U-Haul furniture pads. Renting them is a common choice for one-time moves, while purchasing is ideal if you plan to move frequently or need them for other purposes.

Q3. Are U-Haul furniture pads machine-washable?

Yes, U-Haul furniture pads are machine-washable. After use, you can clean them in a standard washing machine to remove any dirt or stains.

Q4. Can U-Haul furniture pads be used for storing furniture?

Yes, U-Haul furniture pads are not limited to moving. They can also be used to protect furniture during storage, helping to prevent dust and scratches.

Q5. Where can I get U-Haul furniture pads?

You can rent or purchase U-Haul furniture pads at your nearest U-Haul store or through their website. Make sure to check availability and choose the right size and type for your needs.

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