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Self Adhesive Silicone Clear Rubber Furniture Pads

Material: High-quality silicone

Size: 80x80mm, or custom sizes

Shape: Rectangular, it can be customized

Color: Clear

Application: Furniture legs, tables, sofas, beds, cabinet doors, and more

Feature: Durable, eco-friendly, non-slip, reusable, soft, heat-insulating, non-aging

Package Option: opp bag, paper box, storage box, etc

Sample: Free samples and custom samples are available


Product Description

Durable and Clear:

Crafted with food-grade environmentally friendly silicone, our clear rubber furniture pads are high quality. Unlike traditional black gaskets, these transparent pads protect your furniture without compromising the aesthetics of your room. You can rest assured knowing that they won’t stain your floor or leave unsightly marks.

Self-Adhesive and Reusable:

Our rubber furniture pads feature a self-adhesive backing, eliminating the need for additional surface adhesives. Simply peel off the protective film and attach them to the furniture feet. These pads are environmentally friendly, soft, non-slip, heat-insulating, and non-aging. They can be easily cleaned and reused multiple times, providing long-lasting protection for your furniture.

Versatile Application:

These silicone furniture pads are incredibly versatile and can be used to protect a wide range of surfaces. Whether it’s your wooden floors, ceramic tiles, or any other hard surfaces, our furniture pads will effectively safeguard them from scratches and noise. They are suitable for tables, sofas, beds, cabinet doors, chairs, and various other types of furniture. You can even use them to prevent noise from glasses, drawers, toilet covers, and more.

Superior Size and Shape:

Our furniture pads come in a convenient size of 80x80mm, but we also offer custom sizes to meet your specific needs. The rectangular shape provides excellent coverage and stability. If you require a different shape, we are happy to accommodate your preferences.

Heat and Cold Resistant:

Worried about protecting your furniture from burns? Our furniture pads have got you covered. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 230 degrees Celsius, ensuring that your furniture remains safe even under extreme conditions. Whether you’re baking or freezing, these pads will remain soft and maintain their shape.

Easy to Install:

Installing our furniture pads is quick and hassle-free. Just remove the protective film and firmly attach them to the furniture feet. Please note that Self Adhesive Furniture Pads are not suitable for rough, dusty, or dirty surfaces. Make sure the surface is clean for optimal adhesion.

Various Packaging Options:

To cater to your preferences, we offer multiple packaging options for our furniture pads. Choose from options such as opp bags, paper boxes, storage boxes, and more. You can select the packaging that best suits your needs.

Protect your valuable furniture and floors with our clear rubber furniture pads. These pads combine durability, versatility, and convenience, making them an essential accessory for every household. Don’t compromise on quality or aesthetics—choose the best solution available. Order your furniture pads today and experience the difference they can make!

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