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Felt Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Our felt pads for furniture protect finished surfaces, making them ideal for use on chairs, tables, stools, couches, ottomans, end tables, coffee tables, dressers, and armoires.

With an easy-to-use self-adhesive design, these chair leg protectors are easy to apply on hardwood floors, providing reliable protection against scratches.

Designed specifically for hardwood floors, our furniture pads allow you to move your furniture effortlessly while preventing any damage to the floor.

Forget about unsightly scratches and damage—our chair leg floor protectors are here to keep your floors and surfaces pristine, offering reliable defense against nicks, dents, and scratches.

This pack includes 162 furniture pads in assorted sizes and stylish beige color, featuring 90 3/8 inch round pads, 24 3/4 inch round pads, 24 1 inch round pads, and 24 1.5 inch round felt pads.

Color: Beige, or custom

Size: Assorted Sizes

Package Contents: 162/Pack


Product Description

Introducing our felt furniture pads for hardwood floors—a must-have accessory to keep your precious floors looking flawless and protected!

No more worrying about scratches, dents, or unsightly marks on your cherished hardwood surfaces. Our furniture pads provide exceptional defense against damage, ensuring your chairs, tables, stools, couches, ottomans, end tables, coffee tables, dressers, and armoires remain in pristine condition.

Featuring an ingenious self-adhesive design, applying these chair leg protectors is a breeze. Simply peel off the backing and stick them onto your hardwood floors. It’s that easy! Say goodbye to laborious installation processes and hello to instant protection against scratches.

Crafted with hardwood floors in mind, our furniture pads are tailored to perfection. Effortlessly glide your furniture across the room without worrying about leaving marks or scuffs behind. Enjoy the freedom to rearrange your space with confidence and ease, knowing that your precious floors are safeguarded.

This pack includes a generous assortment of 162 furniture pads in various sizes, all in a chic and versatile beige color. You’ll receive 90 round pads measuring 3/8 inch, 24 round pads measuring 3/4 inch, 24 round pads measuring 1 inch, and 24 round felt pads measuring 1.5 inches. With this extensive selection, you’ll have the perfect fit for furniture legs of all sizes.

Whether you’re protecting your dining room set, lounge furniture, or bedroom pieces, our felt furniture pads for hardwood floors are your trusty companions. Keep your floors flawless and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your surfaces are impeccably preserved.

Don’t wait another moment—order your pack of felt furniture pads today and experience the ultimate in floor protection!

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