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Nail On Felt Furniture Pads

Material: Felt, plastic

Size: 28mm/1.1inch

Shape: Round

Safeguard your hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum, laminate floors, and more with our nail-on anti-sliding wood floor protectors, providing effective protection against marring and scratches. These durable pads outlast stick-on alternatives, ensuring long-lasting floor preservation.

Enjoy a noise-canceling solution that allows for smooth and scratch-free furniture movement on hardwood floors. Our bumpers reduce friction, vibration, and noise, providing a quiet and hassle-free furniture gliding experience.

With one pack, you can easily install these nail-on protectors throughout your entire house. They can be used under the legs or feet of dressers, tables, cabinets, dining room chairs, sofas, couches, footrests, barstools, shower benches, desk leg tips, cutting boards, walking sticks, and various other home and office furniture.

Prioritize pre-drilling the legs to avoid any splitting or splintering issues. Take note that the pad cup is made of plastic, making it susceptible to breakage, while the nail is a wire brad that can bend easily, so it’s advised to hammer lightly.


Product Description

Introducing our nail on felt furniture pads, the ultimate solution to protect your beautiful hardwood, ceramic tile, linoleum, laminate floors, and more. Say goodbye to scratches and marring with our high-quality and durable floor protectors.

Designed with your needs in mind, these round furniture pads are made from a combination of felt and plastic, ensuring both strength and flexibility. With a convenient size of 28mm/1.1inch, they fit perfectly under the legs or feet of your furniture, providing optimal protection.

Experience the benefits of our nail-on furniture pads that outlast stick-on alternatives. Our pads are built to withstand heavy use, offering long-lasting floor preservation that keeps your surfaces looking pristine. No more worrying about constantly replacing worn-out protectors.

But it’s not just about protection; it’s about enjoying a seamless furniture gliding experience. Our furniture bumpers reduce friction, vibration, and noise, allowing for smooth and scratch-free movement on hardwood floors. You can finally move your furniture effortlessly, without disturbing your peaceful environment.

And the best part? One pack is all you need to safeguard your entire house. From dressers and tables to dining room chairs and sofas, these versatile protectors can be used on various furniture pieces. Even your office furniture will benefit from their reliable floor protection.

To ensure easy installation, we recommend pre-drilling the legs before attaching the felt furniture pads. While the pad cup is made of plastic, which may be prone to breakage, the nail is a wire brad that requires a light hammering to prevent bending.

Don’t wait any longer to protect your floors and enjoy a quiet, hassle-free living space. Get our nail on felt furniture pads today and transform the way you move your furniture. Preserve your floors, eliminate annoying noises, and enhance your overall comfort. Order now and experience the difference!

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