Rubber Furniture Pads Manufacturer in China

Dayou Household is a highly regarded manufacturer of rubber furniture pads based in China. With our commitment to quality and excellence, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider of top-notch products in the industry.

Our furniture rubber pads are meticulously crafted using premium materials to ensure optimal performance and durability. We employ advanced manufacturing techniques and strict quality control measures to deliver products that meet the highest standards.

In addition, our products are designed to provide effective grip and stability, preventing furniture from sliding or slipping on various floor surfaces. Whether it’s hardwood, tile, laminate, or carpet, our pads offer reliable protection while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of the furniture and the surrounding area.

We offer a diverse range of rubber furniture pads to cater to different furniture types and sizes. From small chair leg caps to larger pads for tables and cabinets, our product selection accommodates various needs.

Meanwhile, Dayou Household also provides customization options, allowing our customers to tailor the pads to their specific requirements. If you have any needs of rubber pads for furniture, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Custom Rubber Pads for Furniture

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Non Slip Rubber Pads for Furniture

Our non-slip rubber pads for furniture provide reliable floor protection and enhanced stability, ensuring your valuable belongings stay in place while preventing scratches, scrapes, and noise. Crafted from durable rubber with a self-adhesive back, these pads are easy to install and offer long-lasting performance for a wide range of furniture applications.

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Clear Rubber Furniture Pads

Our clear rubber furniture pads, made from high-quality silicone, combine exceptional floor protection with a sleek and transparent design. These durable and non-slip pads offer a reliable grip, preventing scratches and scuffs while seamlessly blending in with your furniture.

Scope Use of Rubber Pads for Furniture

  • Sofas: Place rubber furniture pads under sofa legs to prevent scratching or sliding on hardwood or tile floors.

  • Tea tables: Use rubber pads on the bottom of tea table legs to protect delicate surfaces and prevent them from sliding.

  • Crafts: Attach rubber pads to the base of craft projects to prevent them from scratching tabletops or slipping during use.

  • Chairs: Apply rubber pads to chair legs to avoid floor damage, minimize noise, and provide stability.

  • Cabinets: Place rubber pads under cabinet corners or along the edges to prevent them from banging against walls or other furniture.

  • Beds: Use rubber pads under bed legs to prevent them from moving, reduce noise, and protect flooring.

  • Appliances: Apply rubber pads to the bottom of appliances like washing machines or dryers to prevent vibration, reduce noise, and protect floors from scratches.

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Features of Our Rubber Furniture Pads

  • Strong stickiness: The rubber furniture pads feature strong adhesive properties, ensuring they firmly stick to the furniture legs or surfaces for long-lasting performance.

  • Self-adhesive: The pads come with a self-adhesive backing, making them easy to install without the need for additional adhesives or tools.

  • Residue-free: When removed, the pads leave no residue behind, keeping the furniture and floors clean and free from sticky residue.

  • Scratch-resistant: These pads are designed to protect both furniture and flooring from scratches, preventing damage caused by regular use or movement.

  • Odor-free: The rubber furniture pads are manufactured to be odor-free, ensuring they do not release any unpleasant or strong odors into the environment.

  • Noise reduction: The pads help dampen and reduce noise caused by moving furniture, providing a quieter and more peaceful living environment.

  • Durable: Made from high-quality materials, the pads are built to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting protection for furniture and floors.

Why Choose Us as Your Rubber Furniture Pads Supplier

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Custom Shape and Size

At Dayou Household, we provide the flexibility of custom shapes and sizes for our rubber furniture pads. Whether you need pads with rounded edges, unique contours, or specific dimensions to accommodate irregular furniture legs or surfaces, we have the expertise to deliver.

In addition, we utilize high-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to ensure the durability and longevity of our custom pads.

Contact us today to discuss your customization needs and let our team create rubber furniture pads that are tailor-made for your furniture, delivering optimal protection and peace of mind.

Custom Packaging Solutions

At Dayou Household, we provide an extensive range of packaging solutions designed to meet your unique requirements for rubber furniture pads.

Whether you favor the classic and eco-friendly appeal of paper boxes, the durability and versatility of plastic storage boxes, the convenience of OPP bags, the protective qualities of blister packages, or any other packaging type, we have got you covered.

Our custom packaging options are designed with utmost care to ensure that your rubber furniture pads are not only neatly organized but also well-protected.

With our custom packaging solutions, you can incorporate your own logo, colors, and design elements to create a distinct identity for your furniture pads.

If you have any requirements, please feel free to contact us now.

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One-stop Furniture Rubber Pad Supplier for Your Business

At Dayou Household, we are your trusted one-stop solution for all your rubber furniture pad needs. Contact us today and experience our exceptional service. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and provide a quick quote tailored to your specific requirements. With our competitive pricing and commitment to customer satisfaction, we aim to deliver the best value for your investment.

Clients Testimonials

Wow! Ordering wholesale and custom rubber furniture pads from Dayou Household was a game-changer for my business! The packaging options they provided were not only practical but also allowed me to showcase my brand’s vibrant colors and logo. Now, every time a customer sees those adorable pads, they instantly recognize my brand and it’s like a party for their furniture!

Emily Clark, from USA

Dayou Household’s custom rubber furniture pads have truly revolutionized my business! Their packaging solutions are so versatile and fun. I opted for their blister packages with a touch of whimsical design, and let me tell you, my customers can’t get enough of it! The pads not only protect their furniture but also bring a smile to their faces. It’s like a little surprise gift with every purchase!

Isabella Wright, from UK

I recently ordered wholesale rubber furniture pads from Dayou Household, and boy, did it elevate my brand! Their packaging options are fantastic—I went for the trendy and eco-friendly paper boxes. Not only did it give my brand a more sophisticated look, but it also resonated with my eco-conscious customers. Now, they feel like they’re making a stylish and sustainable choice every time they buy my furniture pads!

Giulia Ricci, from Italy

Dayou Household’s custom rubber furniture pads and packaging solutions are the secret sauce to boosting my brand! I chose their plastic storage boxes, and let me tell you, it’s a match made in heaven. The boxes not only keep the pads organized and protected during shipping but also double as a convenient storage solution for my customers. They love it so much that they keep coming back for more!

Lucas Parker, from CA

Ordering wholesale and custom rubber furniture pads from Dayou Household was the best decision for my business! Their packaging options are simply top-notch. I went for the fun and practical OPP bags, and my customers are obsessed! It’s like having a mini party favor every time they receive their pads. Now, my brand is synonymous with excitement and quality, and my business is booming!

Sophia Taylor, from USA

The FAQs of Rubber Furniture Pads

Explore our range of custom felt furniture pads and find answers to your questions about placing a custom order.

The minimum order quantity for wholesale rubber furniture pads from Dayou Household is 500 units.

Absolutely! Dayou Household offers custom packaging options to suit your branding needs and create a unique identity for your products.

The processing time for wholesale orders may vary depending on the quantity and customization requirements. Typically, it takes around 2 – 4 weeks to process and ship the order.

Yes, Dayou Household offers competitive pricing and discounts for bulk wholesale orders. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss specific pricing details.

Certainly! Dayou Household understands the importance of quality assurance. We can provide samples of our rubber furniture pads upon request to ensure your satisfaction before placing a wholesale order.

Dayou Household accepts various payment methods, including bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal, for wholesale orders. Our sales team can guide you through the payment process.

Yes, Dayou Household offers international shipping services. We can ship your wholesale order of rubber furniture pads to various destinations worldwide.

Absolutely! Dayou Household understands the need for flexibility. You can mix and match different sizes or colors of rubber furniture pads to create a diverse wholesale order.

Dayou Household stands behind the quality of our products. We offer warranty coverage for any manufacturing defects. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support team to initiate the return process.

Yes, Dayou Household offers additional branding and labeling options for wholesale orders. We can discuss your specific requirements and ensure that your branding is prominently displayed on the pads.

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